laugardagur, desember 31, 2005


RevolutionWhile people equiping themselves for the big bang tonight in the revolution outlet - where else!
And while others are playing around with fireworks for some days now, I will keep to my own kind of fireworks for the eye. Fireworks
Lorna's Laces. There is some problem though with this lucious yarn. Not that I mind pooling, not at all in colours like that. The problem is however the gauge. If I knit with my 2mm dpns the fabric is too sturdy, with 2,5mm it feels to loose. Am I starting to understand the US quarter sizes now? Following the problems with the fabric's sturdiness is also the pattern choice. Well, I will just play around a little longer. At the moment I am thinking about some simple ribs, maybe 3k1p or something like that and will learn the last thing for this year: the tubular cast on, ingeniously presented by Anna in a pictorial tutorial.

Fireworks in yarn

I hope you all have a delightful way to cross over into 2006 and best wishes for a happy new year from here!

3 ummæli:

Wanda sagði...

Hapy New Year to you!

Melanie sagði...

can't you get 2 1/4mm needles there? they're the most popular size for socks, that i've seen anyway, i'm sure they would be perfect.

amanda sagði...

Thanks for the postcard Carola---I found it in the mail when I returned from my trip and it is such a lovely sight! That yarn looks so bright and cheery--hope it works out for you!