föstudagur, desember 30, 2005

An everlasting grin

Jess Hutch's SphereyWhat could be better than knitting myself a little smiling friend who makes me smile as well. I am very pleased with Jess Hutch's pattern (from her booklet). It is clearly written and - being for toys - leaves of course a lot of freedom on yarn and colour substitutes. This little guy is made of sock scraps. The head/body (?) consits of yellow-orange variegated Trekking yarn I got from Judy in the sock scrap swap (Thanks again, Judy!) and the arms and legs will be knitted in my recent Knitpick's Sock Garden leftovers. But once he is done, it is time to say goodbye to the little fellow. He is about to go on a journey to smile at somebody else.

About the contest: I know, the deadline is approaching.
BUT - a little Christmas elf just whispered in my ear that Christmas is not over until the 6th January. So true. I had so much fun so far seeing what you all digged up on tacky tasteless Christmas decorations or related incidents that I decided to give it a bit more time. Even if you might think it is unfair or you are sooo impatiently awaiting to be announced the winner of the sock yarn - Ha! It's my contest, I can do whatever I want. Hehe...
I'll give you a little sum up of what has amused me so far and maybe there's more dropping in the next days.
For now, I'll leave you with a little sum up of the findings that have amused me so far (random order). I'm afraid all this tackiness is addictive - check out those clipart-dividers! Okay, have fun, entertain yourself and best wishes for all your new year's celebration!

Giant Nutcracker
Elli's collection of theme decorated houses. She picked the nutcracker which I like very much, being very familiar with this kind of Christmas decoration from Erzgebirge in Thüringen. Be sure to check out the other houses, e.g. the Polar Express and the Nativity theme.

Lights God bless America
Katie has kept me busy a whole week now staring at her pictures and wondering about her neighbourhood ;-) She did not only categorize them but also included a little philosophy. Looking at those feels like travelling to another planet country.

Deer Christmas
Lolly found funny outdoor as well as indoor decoration. The latter one seems to be a singular excrescence, unfortunately it isn't...

Santa in a pirogue
Amanda's Santa obviously met with an accident. This picture proves professisionalism: spotting the motive, jumping out of the car and nestling to an iron fence to take it. That's the spirit!

Scary group of Christmas figures
Kira also understands how to impress with a careful collection of tasteless decorations. The convention of unrelated but most horrorible Christmas(?) figures is still haunting me in my dreams. There are fortunately also some harmless creatures like the omnipresent inflatables - but this time a giant snow globe version. Great!

Romping teddies
Last but not least,Jenn's romping Teddybears. Very cool - I mean the embodiment of tackiness. Must not show it to any toy around here - they might start marching of to the next circus.

I hope I haven't forgotten anyone - appologies and let me know! Remember new deadline: 6th January 2006.

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katie sagði...

Glad you're having fun with the display I've been posting--glad to know someone else finds it entertaining. And sometimes when I'm home I think folks are from another planet, too... but that's another story. :)

Laura sagði...

Thank goodness! An extension on the deadline! I have been looking for Christmas excesses in my city, but I guess we Clevelanders are just too reserved. Nothing I have seen comes anywhere close to Katie's or Jenn's entries. I mean, a huge inflatable SpongeBob is goofy, but it's not teddies on a carousel.

I LOVE your Rib and Cable socks. I am making those now and it's a great pattern.

Happy New Year, Carola!

Judy sagði...

Glad you are enjoying the yarn! I love the look of that little toy, too...maybe something to do with some other sock yarn scraps? :-)

Happy New Year!