föstudagur, nóvember 18, 2005

This strange time/relativity thing

It has been a bit quite here for I am really busy with.. well.. everything. I don't know, it seems I am stuck in a time sucking hole. Have to get out!
And that's excactly what I am going to try this weekend. I am going to spend the weekend at a completely remote place without internet, telephone, TV a.s.o. I do hope though they got electricity!
The good thing: I will calm down for a while, have time for reading and knitting, and be able to recharge my batteries. I am running pretty low these days.
The bad thing: I will fall more behind with all the catching up on emails and blogs and feel even more guilty when I come home.
No pressure, huh? ;-)

I'll leave you with some pictures of the finished jaywalker socks (which are going to get there real post later)

Jaywalker socks
What a fun pattern! I really enjoyed knitting them.
Since the needles were free then I allowed myself to cast on for a new pair. Yumm, yumm, Lorna's Laces! What a nice yarn! It is so soft and has such a nice shine. Definitley not a knitting while watching TV yarn - I can't get my eyes off it! I knitted in the bus, though. And the ignorant (or shy?) other commuters didn't ask at all what it was. Though I overheared some old ladies talking about knitting Christmas gifts for their granddaughters. Shouldn't they be interested in such beautiful yarn. Specially, since one cannot buy it here? Strange.. I would have asked.
Matahari socks
So pretty!

The pattern I am following right is called "Mata Hari Socks" from craftoholic. Unfortunatley, the PDF link to the pattern is not working, that's why I have to imagine how it works from the given pictures. But go there anyway and check out the hilarious knitted Oktoberfest set!

To my Sock Scrap Pal: I did not forget to mention your parcel, it still hasn't arrived :-( You are not by any chance from the Pitcairn Island? [scroll down to 'by post'!] Oh, no, it's me who lives at the back of beyond. We'll just have to wait a little longer.

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Wanda sagði...

Love the jaywalker socks, those are so cute! And the Lorna's Laces sock yarn is so soft and nice to work with. I'm surprised the ladies on the bus didn't ask about it either. I sure would have. Maybe they only like traditional stuff? I hope you have a good restful and relaxing weekend. No need to feel guilty about emails and such. Write people back when you can, but enjoy this time away from everything and just relax and regroup.

Beth S. sagði...

Such a beautiful color--what is it???

Judy sagði...

I sent them, I really did!! Not from Pitcairn Island, either, but from South Carolina USA. I'm really sorry they are taking so long; they were supposed to go by air mail, and were sent, gosh, 3 or 4 weeks ago. They haven't come back to me, either.

I think I should send another package of scrap yarn...then maybe they will both get there!

Laura sagði...

Have a great weekend Carola! It sounds like heaven. The colors of the Lorna's Laces certainly would have attracted my interest on the bus. They're gorgeous!

Lolly sagði...

The Jaywalker socks are brilliant! I really like the way they came out. I just signed up for a knitalong for Jaywalker socks... I think I need some ;)

Have a wonderful relaxing weekend.

jacqueline sagði...

your jaywalker socks have come out brilliantly. i am so impressed. the colours are just stunning.

Mia sagði...

The colors in your new socks are wonderful. I can't wait to see more pictures of the Jaywalker socks. Send me an e-mail at mia@jncorp.nospam.com if you would like to try some other sock yarns or if you want more sock scraps. I have plenty. And enjoy your weekend.

emmy sagði...

Love the Jaywalker socks! They are gorgeous. Made me go out and buy some Koigu(haven't knitted with it yet) so that I can have some too. BTW...are you standing in SNOW?!?!

Dorothee sagði...

I hope you enjoy your weekend! And don't worry about emails and stuff... I guess everybody will understand it (btw, thanks for the postcard... ahem).
A similar thing happened to me on the train, two girls sitting opposite of me talked about knitting scarves, and that they couldn't knit socks. A bit later, I took out my socktoberfest socks and - no reaction. At all.

amanda sagði...

your jaywalker socks look great! and you lorna's socks will be smashing, no doubt. your weekend away sounds wonderful and i hope it was restful and peaceful and that your batteries have been recharged!