þriðjudagur, september 13, 2005

Happy anniversary, Miss Marple!

Today it is 75 years since Agatha Christie's Miss Marple made her debut in the novel "Murder at the Vicarage".

Miss Marple knits

Margaret Rutherford's Miss MarpleMy Miss Marple has first been the incredible actress Margaret Rutherford of course, but I think Joan Hickson represents the character a little bit better. And she knitted..
To celebrate the witty and courageous old lady, who solves the most complicated murder plots over her lace knitting, I will listen to the audio play today.

One of the mysteries of Agatha Christie is of course her immense success. Did you know that Agatha Christy is the bestselling author worldwide?

If you feel in the mood for some Agatha Christie information than check out the following links
If you happen to live in London, well, England might be sufficient, then check out the official Agatha Christie website for information on the events in the Agatha Christie week (12th - 17th September)

Last but not least I will share a picture here I found ages ago on a ...hmm... presumably Finish knitting blog. I have forgotten the address. If you know the picture and its origin, please drop me a line and I can give proper credits.
Cinema poster, knitting with Agatha Christie

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jacqueline sagði...

i love reading your blog because i always learn something new and interesting. imagine you passing on information on agatha christie like that! i had to stop reading for a second and check who's blog i had clicked onto - because i honestly thought it was one of the english girls i subscribe too.

Wanda sagði...

I love Agatha Christie. I'm a huge mystery fan and she was one of the first mystery authors that I read. To this day, if any of her books are shown in a movie form, I have to watch. My favorite is Murder on the Orient Express. I love Miss Marple, but the Frenchman was my favorite!

Lola Lee sagði...

I love Poirot. It's really amusing to watch actors try to capture his essence. Some do it better than others. I've heard that there is a series of tv movies being made, and Alexander Siddig is in one of these. Can't wait!