sunnudagur, september 18, 2005

To whom it may concern...

Voting-Day in Germany. Everybody's a winner.

Gerhard SchröderGerhard Schröder

Wouldn't it be a smart solution if we'd just turn the country in some monarchy, have them marrying each other and ruling peacefully side by side?
Appologies, I am quite puzzled after hours of TV streaming..

I guess I'll delete this post tomorrow...

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kimberly sagði...

You're right a marriage may solve some problems. But would you marry her? Ugh It seems neither one is popular. Hmmm we'll have to wait and see.

Annemarie sagði...

Your socks look GORGEOUS! They're all so colorful and fun! And thank you very much for the kind words about my sockpal socks! They were fun to make, and they look good in basically any yarn. Thanks for reading my blog!