laugardagur, september 10, 2005

International knitting breakfast

On my most neccessary trip to the nearest grocery store, it was so nice to find out that a) there was a nice colour of Lanett yarn on offer and b) a new variegated Lanett yarn had arrived. At the grocery - my LYS! [sigh] I couldn't resist. And since the deal on the yarn was quite good, 4 for 3 in fact, I decided to invest into two circulars in sock size to try the mysterious sock knitting on two circulars. I guess, I'll try it on the amble socks, maybe it is easier to track the pattern down if I am forced to knit slower while learning a new technique.
The knitting on the Forget-Dublin-Bay-not sock is still in process. Rachel asked if I I have some problem with the Wildfoote's splittiness. No, I don't what is however different is the weight. It is unusual thin and I decided to knit it up with needle size 2 mm, US 0 that is, right? I mean, needle size 0! 0 = zero, naught, null, nada, nothing... And so feels the speed ;-) But it's not bad at all. I like how the yarn knits up and therefore enjoy the process. The yarn is so different from any sock yarn I had so far. It is as "hard" as the Lana Grossa Meilenweit in the skein, but is very soft the moment it is knitted up. I can't wait to wash it, must be - as promised on the label - luxurious.
There is also some special shine to it, probably the nylon strand? The German producers use polyamide, ah.. I have no idea about chemistry.
My international breakfast desk

[You see this? American and Norwegian yarns, German knitting needles, a German magazine with two American desasters on the main page (Katrina, Bush..), Swedish knäcke, British radio (you cannot hear)...
If I think about it, I feel kind of international today.
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Jen sagði...

I like how you referred to Bush as an American disaster. I am in full agreement, and am so disgusted with how he has handled the Katrina disaster. I'll stop there--I hate to talk politics--but I do hope people in other countries realize there are many of us here in the USA who are in horrible awe of how Bush is running this country. On a lighter note, your sockapal2za socks look great! I hope you feel better soon.--Jen P.S. I've started working with the unspun. It can be fussy, but I'm not having too much trouble. A picture up soon.