þriðjudagur, ágúst 02, 2005

Time for a little frogging

I have to apologize that there are still no pictures nor any progress to report on the sockapal-2-za sock. But due to a long weekend (monday was a holiday over here) and indoor weather conditions, the Rib and Cable socks grew a little.

Rib and Cable socks

Do you see this !?
Rib and Cable socks
I am one cable short on the second sock (or one too long on the first...)
Why do I recognize this now? Or why at all? Now, that I know there's no way that I'll finish the pair of them like this. Fortunately, this pattern knits up fast. I really do need a row counter! And I am so lucky that there is one on the way to me! Apart from all the fun of the sockapal-2-za so far, it is a clever thing to have virtual contact to knitters. And knitters are good people, isn't it. One of my readers and sockapal-2-za fellow, Jenn, was so kind to offer sending me a row counter. I am so deeply grateful, thanks again!
No counting obstacles for the future no more.

And last but not least, an impression on the stubbornness of the natives here to DEFINITELY HAVE THEIR BARBEQUE-PARTY. Ah.. in fact, stubbornness might be a misinterpretation. I should rather call it independence: 'My plans crossed by the weather conditions? No way...'
Barbeque at Laugarvatn

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