laugardagur, ágúst 06, 2005

Intuition never fails

Huh... was I telling that I had to do a lot of reading? So what is there to post, knitwise? Well, I was boasting the other day about my skills in knitting while reading. That's true, but of course not if I slog trough Chaucer or Beowulf. But, fortunately, the University's service includes the posting of lecture videos on the internet. This way I can listen/watch AND knit - and still feel like I am studying. (In fact I do, but it feels also a lot like leisure time).
I abandoned the Lacy Scallops Socks from the last post. Only in terms of being for my sockpal, that is. It turned out that they where too big for my sockpal's feet, though they are okay for me (lucky me!). The pattern sequence does not allow for adequate downsizing and I had to ponder over another project.
The result was simply to turn back to my initial idea. First ideas are always the best!
Since I cannot post pictures because my share of the digital cam is currently on a weekend trip, a description has to be sufficient: Lace is out! Jacquard is in! I was experimenting in order to adopt a traditional Lopi sweater pattern and make it suitable for socks. It worked out even better than I expected. For this is a post without pictures and nobody will really bother to read it anyway, I can even give away some clues to my sockpal, I guess. I was checking her blog of course and I have a good feeling about the new socks. She will like as well the pattern idea as the colours I chose (green, green and nature). Not detailed enough? Well, I didn’t say, I'm going to spoil it for you!
Please come back for pictures after the weekend...

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Rachel sagði...

I can't wait to see pictures of your sockpal's socks! They sound gorgeous. Too bad the Lacy Scallops didn't work out, but at least you get a new pair of socks for yourself!