þriðjudagur, júlí 12, 2005

Neither yarn nor needles?

Coming home and investigating the garden, I discovered that our earth worms reached a new level of existence. They seem to have reincarnated as snakes, okay, okay, maybe only blimdworms, but anyway - they are huge!
I have to admit here that I am rather fascinated by strange (some might call them disgusting) animals, but to spare you nerves, my dear reader, I kept the picture rather small.
Though, I think they belong into a knitting blog - they are thin, long, flexible and come in a number of five on this picture...

Earth worms having sex
[At last, even I have to admit that there is something perverse about blogging earth worms having sex!]

And another thing: Would you believe that it seems to be impossible to buy a row counter here? I don't dare to start my clapotis without one, but only a row counter is not worth an online order!

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Chemical Imbalance sagði...

I wondered where I'd left my worms...

Jenn sagði...

I have a ton of row counters! Would you like one?

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