sunnudagur, ágúst 14, 2005

Row counter en route

An interruption in the long and dreary reading days.
My better half was invited for a company trip and - lucky me - I was invited, too.
We went to do some "instructed" sightseeing and there was the obligatory dinner party. A lot of fun. I couldn't take my sockapal-2-za sock with me 'cause I dreaded the three skeins would tangle up. Dreadful thought! The Lacy Scallop Socks went instead, together with my latest possession. I am almost obsessed with my new row counter. How much? Well, first, I don't really need it for these socks, but the clicking sound is so much fun. Second, I forgot to take pictures of my knitting progress. The pictures only show the little clover savouring its trip to the country side.
Row counter looks at Flags of our Fathers
Once out, the row counter immediatly tried to mingle with the VIP's. We were stopped on our trip by Clint Eastwood. Or rather his crew. Well... However, they are shooting some scenes of the upcoming movie "Flags of Our Fathers" here.
[If you click on the picture, you'll see some of the navy props in the far distance.]

The little clover had also fun visiting a geothermal area and even sneaked into the restricted area.
Clover visits the geothermal areaGeothermal area

Since I fail to show off my own handcrafts today, I will share a finding. Fish tapestry in SandgerðiIt is a woven tapestry, found in the Nature Centre of Sandgerði, which is linked to the Marine Research Institute) The lively impression of the water is realized by variegated yarns, both in weight and colour. For the shaping of the fish, the threads were pushed and pressed in the right shape what creates an additional 3D-effect. I liked this idea very much. Unfortunately, I do not own a loom, nor have I any experience with weaving. Or rather fortunate for I am not going to spend time on this as well ;-) I could imagine myself buying it, though.

Note to myself: take pictures of the lonesome FO (the Gryffindor scarf bookmark)
and the socks in progress!

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Maureen sagði...

Thanks for stopping in at my blog. ANd for the kind words about my new pair of socks! Glad you enjoyed hearing about my non-secret keeping husband! He did great for my B-day! Loved seeing your blog and numerous pictures!!