sunnudagur, júní 19, 2005

Til hamingju með daginn...

On 17th June the young little nation Iceland celebrates its independence from Denmark. Its pretty much a family day with everybody going out, joining parades, listening/watching programs on openair stages, buying charity cakes for a local school choir... you got the picture.
This day is famous for its bad weather (or even worse. check this out, there happened to be an earthquake near Reykjavik on 17th June 2000!) but we've been very lucky this year. It has been the hottest 17th June in the history of independent Iceland. More details? Like statistics? Read, think, try to comprehense: 17 C (= 63 F) state the hot-record for about 62 years! [sigh]
I'm really not for hot weather but warm does not hurt, doesn't it?

By the way. A sockapaloo-2-za participant happened to make holidays in Iceland. Go over to Erika and check out her pictures, they are nice (love her "wool cakes" :) Too bad, that I didn't know her, more precisely didn't know about her and her travel plans before the sockapal-2-za, so we missed the opportunity to meet.
Anybody on a stopover in Iceland - drop me a line.

To get you in the mood, or just show you an excerpt on what to expect, I thought I'll share some impressions from the national celebration with you.

Icelandic family
Notice the 'not so wooly, not so scratchy'-variant of an Icelandic sweater the little girl is wearing?
But what are they all looking at?

These guys are Five-4-Vibes from the Netherlands, mainly playing some reggae classics but spice it up with some rocksteady, ska or even drum'n bass elements. Don't ask me, why they were the choice for a "national" event - and why they also play on the Viking Festival this weekend!!
But they were fun! And maybe the caribean influence had its share in the temperature record.

No more "party pictures" but the beautiful midnight sun I enjoyed on my way home.

This is the view over the habour bay in Hafnarfjörður and ...there... on the left. Or better here:

Center of the earth

You can see Snæfellsjökull, the vulcano that, according to Jules Verne, is the entrance to the centre of the earth. This magnificent vulcano is most of the times hidden in clouds.

Last but not least the colourful sky just before falling into bed.
zu Hause

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Rachel sagði...

Those pictures of the sky are positively gorgeous. I looked through your posts, and you do an amazing job knitting socks. I love each and every pair! I really like the blue anklets, too. Knitting the sole double is a great idea. I'll have to try that.

Carola sagði...

@Rachel: Thanks for your comment and nice to hear that you like my socks. :)
I'm currently working on further improvement of the double sole and running some tests. As well as in knitting as in wearing. So stay tuned...

erika sagði...

I loved the light nights when we were there. We drove out to Snaefellsjokull on our last day--it's very beautiful there. I'll post some photos on my blog soon.