föstudagur, mars 23, 2007

Rear window

Hmm.. I feel a little bit like James Stewart these days. You remember the movie where he sits with a broken leg and stares out of the window all day long? Only, that there is really nothing suspicious to observe outside. Except for when the cat is away, the mice birds will play.

birds in the garden
True to the Hitchock-feeling it felt like The Birds once in a while. We do feed them in weather like this, but usually the starlings where too afraid of Willy. Since he has left the territory, even other cats come sneaking in more frequently.
Cat that looks like Hitler
Wait, take a closer look at this guy.
Cat that looks like Hitler
[I found him sleeping under the living room table!*]

Isn't this in fact a Kitler!? I have to admit that I don't know this term for long and cannot remember how and when I found out about it. But surely, this page ("Cats that look like Hitler" - can you believe it!?) is in my opinion the most striking evidence that there is nothing too silly or absurd that you wouldn't find it on the internet. Nothing!

Okay, crazy but boring garden pictures and weird www philosophy aside. Some knitting has happend. Really.
The hot water bottle cosy is beginning to grow. I decided to go for a fishbone pattern as suggested in Maggie's pattern but in two-colour work. The yarn I am using (Highlands & Islands "Country Style" from Sirdar), which should be metioned here is a gift from the wonderful Wanda, thank you!) is only DK weight. Better have a double layer around the hot bottle.
Funny colour combination, but I think, I'm liking it.
bottle cosy IP

*I cheated: I flipped the picture for a better match of the significant parting. but still...

2 ummæli:

dorothee sagði...

That's truly a Kitler! I can't believe it... he invaded your living room?! What an evil cat!

Emily sagði...

hehe I love kitties - kitlers or not! it's a good thing I like them too - one is still ing on my arms and usign the latop's touch pad which is maing it ver hard to type