miðvikudagur, október 11, 2006


Is anybody out there still reading? Really, it has been a long time.
Almost calls for a yarn-give-away contest:
Why did I disappear from blogland for so long
a) Iceland decided against internet technology and cut down all connections
b) I'm pregnant (as so many other bloggers out there!) and was indisposed
c) I stopped knitting!
d) ...
Well, let's stop here. None of it is true but the fact that I was in a state of ailing. Nothing to worry though. At least not anymore.

But enough of that. I'll better jump right back into the knitting blabber.
First of all and most important (sorry, Melanie for letting you wait so long!)
I received my Sockapaloooza socks!
I love them, they are so squashy, comfy and warm. Perfect for roaming inside as is advisable in the approaching winter weather.

Sockapaloooza socks
Melanie (visit her blog Dandelion Spinnery, beautiful name!) demanded for a some pictures since she forgot to take them, or more like hurried so much to have them sent off. She went through quite a frenzy to knit socks for me! Her first pair turned out too small for my giant feet. I was so sorry to hear about that, not only for all the work she had obviously put into the knitting but she also knitted them in handspun yarn. Wow! The second attempt was stopped by her after gathering that I am not really into blue socks. Gosh - stupid to say now - but I wouldn't have minded. Anyway, third time is a charm and Melanie surprised me with these beautiful grey-shaded luxuriously soft (and fitting!) socks! I really do love them and don't regret for a second having participated in the Sockapaloooza exchange. Thank you, Melanie, thank you Alison!

Sockapaloooza socks

One pair of socks in, another - almost - going out. The last weeks of the fading summer have been dominated by the Toasty Toes sock exchange chez sheepandnocity.
Toasty Toessocks

Don't be fooled by the poor progress on the picture (and the green grass...) Both socks are knitted up to the desired cuff lengths. I am merely contemplating a cute hem or a clever cast-off.
The picture, however, was taken to compare a sock knitted with alternating bits of the skein (right side) to one knitted up just straight (left side). The former (advised) method in order to avoid pooling did not appeal to me. On the other hand, my sockpal said she is not very much for self-striping yarn. Are these stripes? Hard to deny... I do hope, she doesn't mind. I really did not see them coming - and they are not to avoid without terrible pooling effects. Sigh.

In other news, purely knitting related for now, there is has been a s-w-e-a-t-e-r on the needles!
Hourglass sweater

I knitted an hourglass sweater from the Last Minute Knitted Gifts pattern book. The yarn was some silk blend, almost as requested for in the book. Only difference: in opposition to the Noro Iro (for approx. US$20/100g) the yarn did only cost me 13US$ per 100g. Okay, it's "only" Tussah silk but it knitted up very nicely. No picture of the finished sweater because I still haven't grafted under the arms and I cannot stop the body's hem from curling upwards. Damn...

Next big project will be a scarf. I already have some wonderful Alpaca lace yarn (Dicentra Design) from Teyani's Crown Mountain Farm.
I originally chose the yarn to knit an Icarus scarf. I felt, looking at the picture in the IK that the name Icarus calls for a more dramatic colour. Not quite singe-black maybe but a hot burning fiery sun colour. Paprika it is. What do you think?
Alpaca lace yarn, Paprika (Dicentra Desings)

Only problem remaining to get me started is the inexplicable disappearance of my IK summer 2006 issue.
Interweave Knits
The one with the pattern! I have not the slightest idea where it could be.
But the time searching for it is better spend adding the finishing touches to my Toasty Toes socks. They will have to leave very soon!

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canknitian sagði...

I love Paprika! It's beautiful!

Leah sagði...

That alpaca is gorgeous! And the TT socks are such a fun and festive color! Welcome back!!

Liz sagði...

No knitting is contagious around blog land lately...Me included. Glad to see you back!

amanda sagði...

I've missed reading your witty posts! Welcome back!

Rebecca sagði...

Sorry to hear you were ill, glad you are doing better!

I agree about that paprika yarn for Icarus, the name does call for a fiery yarn. Can't wait to see it in progress.

Teyani sagði...

definately welcome back - love the paprika! I've been eyeing that colorway myself :-)
congrats on being pregnant. You've begun a wonderous journey!

jane sagði...

welcome back! I have missed reading your great blog. I like the colors of the socks (not alternating) and the beautiful alpaca.

Beth S. sagði...

I'm glad you're back! :-) And I covet that red alpaca.

Kira sagði...

Good to see you back - I did a double-take on the reasons that you were away though!! And a sweater on the needlees no less - very nice.

The TT socks look lovely - and I can't really see the difference to be honest in the results.

If you need a sneaky photocopy of the Icarus pattern, I can help you out..... I am knitting it (and have been since May!?). And maybe I am getting to the end of the first chart now... It has taken a long time, but I wasn't knitting it exclusively.

Lolly sagði...

It is really great to see you back, Carola! I have missed reading your blog. Good luck finding the summer copy of IK, and the Paprika yarn is lovely!

Best wishes~

Maggie sagði...

I knit that sweater a while ago, I used Lamb's Pride superwash, it turned out really pretty but a bit big and I never took the time to fix it, Hope yours turns out better!

PS: I miss Iceland

Wanda sagði...

I was skimming the blog entry and all of a sudden, I realized I read that you had a sweater on the needles! What in the world?!?!?! I've started on my Hourglass, am up to working the sleeves, but am fearful they will be too big. The pattern calls for large, loose sleeves which I don't care for as much. I don't need it form-fitting, but definitely not so large.

I'm sorry that you weren't feeling well. I was getting worried about you, but glad to see that you are doing better now.

The Toasty Toes socks are very nice and look so warm. The yarn for Icarus is just beautiful!

Theresa sagði...

I'm so glad you got a pair you love as much as I love mine!

Ashley sagði...

Welcome back, Carola! I was just thinking about you the other day and hoping you were all right. I think the Paprika for Icarus looks glorious--I hope you find the pattern!