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Where's Waldo Willy?

Here comes my Toasty Toes update just one day after Amanda posted the recent developments. Well.. better timing next week. Hopefully. It's not much anyway.
First, I was opting for Toasty Toes yarn from Interlacement yarns but couldn't manage to win an ebay auction (Hey you other Toasty Toe-ers. Did YOU outbid me all the time?!)
But I found a worthy replacement and my yarn of choice arrived. I chose some delicious and very soft sock yarn in the heavier weight range with not only merino but also Kid Mohair content:

Kid Mohair/Merino Sock Yarn Indian Summer

Kid Mohair/Merino Sock Yarn Indian Summer

Kid Mohair/Merino Sock Yarn from Crown Mountain Farms.
Pretty, huh? Now I have to brood over a suitable pattern for this yarn. The variegated colourway and the weight call for plain stockinette, of course. But I am still thinking of a way to spice them up. Like with little seed stitch ribs for example. Any ideas?

And well, the title of the post. It's of course referring to one of the Summer of Amazing Lace challenges. But again, I don't really make/made it into the challenge. So don't look for anything knitted.

[I couldn't resist another mouse over effect]

No, this not a hitherto unclassified Icelandic Koala-look-a-like species. It's poor Willy! Don't ask how he ended up in this tree! But the important thing is that he got rescued after only a couple of minutes miaowing (thanks to prick-eared cat mom who filtered his desperate cries for help through window glass, radio sound and diesel engine noise). He really needed a rest after this adventure. And so did his saviour who could only reach him while standing on his toes on the last rung of the ladder. (Yes, we do have some surprisingly high trees in Iceland.)
Kid Mohair/Merino Sock Yarn Indian Summer
And the kids? They had their adventure yesterday. Fishing inside the window to pull Willy out by grabbing his legs, they climbed on the camping table that serves as Willy's stepping stone. Surprisingly, it is not sturdy enough for a couple of children... It flipped over (bended legs = kaputt) and off they ran.
When we got hold of them later, we told them that their behaviour had been a bit over the top lately: breaking a table, let aside the pounding in the flower beds and fishing and pulling through the window. Their rather indicting reply was that one of them got a bloody lip when falling down from OUR table. So!?
I was speechless. Is it just me or would you expect an appology, too? MY parents told me to act responsible for my wrong doings - even though it was a hard lesson to walk over to the neighbours, all quivering and ashamed, to say my appologies and probably hand over some flowers and chocolate. I think I really need children on my own or I will eventually turn into a bitchy kid-hating cat lady v-e-r-y soon. Garçon, a slice of tolerance, please!

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Rachel sagði...

I don't know if it's just the kids you should dislike, but probably the parents, too, for lack of discipline. Clearly these children have no respect for other people's property. I think you are absolutely right about expecting an apology. It seems to me that kids now seem to feel that they are entitled to anything they want without doing a damn thing for it. No one wants to take responsibility for their own actions. Much easier to blame someone else!
Oh my, sorry for the rant in your comments! I do want to say that I'm glad Willy got down from the tree (what will he be up to next?) and that the Toasty Toes yarn you chose is lovely. What about a cute little picot edging for the cuffs?

aija sagði...

Beautiful colorway! I love the feel of that yarn, I've not seent hat colorway before though! (I've only seen the yarn at fiber shows, not online-- thanks for the link!)

The kids are at fault, totally. I'd have been ashamed of breaking other people's property, like I was taught to be :)

handknitbyafailedfeminist sagði...

As a parent, I am mortified that the parents did not take responsibility and expect their children to do the same. Its almost bizarre that they felt you were at fault, clearly you should have anticipated that their darlings might be injured in the attempt to torment the cat!

I need orange sagði...

I'll bet the cat was up the tree to avoid the little monsters! As a parent myself, I would have been MORTIFIED if my child was stomping people's flowerbeds, let alone tormenting the cat! My kid was taught respect for animals from day one (Rule: if the dog walks away from you, you cannot follow! Entice if you can, but coerce you May Not.).

I fear for the state of the world, when so very many children seem to have no May Nots............

Having a kid of your own, and raising her to be polite and careful of the world around her does not stop you from hating the obnoxious little out-of-control brats. I know.

So glad Willy is ok.

Mini sagði...

Oh, I think that sticking your gruby little thieving hands into windows is trespassing and ILLEGAL. I would call the police ( this is not incident #1) and have them speak to their parents. I am not sure about Icelandic trespassing laws, but if children were tromping through my garden, grabbing at Pumpkin (our kitty)--- they'd either grab a cactus instead or meet Mr. Policeman. Stand firm. Having children won't change anything-- these kids are monsters! The kids who torture an animal now, could be serial killers in 10 years (you are just alerting the police ahead of time)

Mia sagði...

Okay, the kids were reaching into your house to try and grab your cat? That could be read as they were trying to break into your house if you want to be a mean person. You didn't invite them into your yard and your house. I think it is past time to tlak to the parents and let the local police in on the problem. It doesn't make you a mean person just a responsible pet owner. If the parents do not do anything to stop the kids, than I am sure that the police can since the kids are damaging your property. And that is to say nothing of the terror that Willy has been enduring. Willy needs a break. In the US, if Willy scratched or bite one of the kids, their parents would be wanting to sue you even though it was clearly their child's fault.

Wanda sagði...

Ohh, poor Willy. Glad to hear he's okay. I would have a talk with those kids' parents telling them the kids are not welcome to come over and play with the kitty, as they don't understand boundaries. Having your own kids is great, but if they aren't taught respect for others, you'll still be upset with them, but they would be your kids with no one else to blame for how they turned out. Those are some pretty rough kids and the fact they tried to blame you for having a bloody lip is ludicrous. How they are not able to own up to their own responsibility is beyond me.

Say sagði...

I'm very happy to see that Willy was okay. He looks absolutely delighted to have been rescued.

Nafnlaus sagði...

hello sock pal, i'm sending your socks out on thursday! xcept them about 1-2 weeks from then! sorry for the lateness =(

dorothee sagði...

Children can be really tough... In my first apartment (second floor), there was a bunch of kids that used to kick their ball up on our balcony when they played football. The first time was an accident, and the other times were on purpose (they expected us to give them their ball back - they stood underneath our balcony, yelling until we threw the ball back). At some stage, I decided not to do that, and then they came into the house, kicking at our apartment door. I didn't open, and finally one of our neighbors kicked them out of the hall.

In your case, I'd try talking to the parents first, to have them talk to the kids (after all, you'll continue living in that neighborhood, so going to the police straight away won't do much good). Who knows what the kids told their parents about the bloody lips? They might have made up something to make you look bad. And after the parents talked to their kids and the kids still misbehave, then you can think if you want to try the parents again or go to the police instead. (although, police force against a buch of kids (depending on how old they are), might be a bit like breaking a butterfly on a wheel)

But you definitely are right, they do owe you an apology. Their parents should tell them to respect other people's property (=flower beds, other stuff), and to respect animals.

Kathy sagði...

Oh poor adorably Willy. Silly willy. Stick to chili

Wanda sagði...

Ping, where are you? Haven't seen you in awhile!