fimmtudagur, júní 29, 2006

Lost between seasons

Spring is here again!
I got the yarn from the DYE-O-RAMA swap.

I am a very happy pal in the WTF-section. Look what my pal Polly Atomic send out to me. B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l bright, fruity yellow-orangy yarn. I love it! Thank you so much! You cannot see that it is also wonderfully soft and smells yummy from the bath flakes she included. I adore the pretty card she included, too. See the fastening of the envelope? So cute!
Polly also has started a blog recently, go over and pay her a visit.
This swap was seriously fun! Eventhough, it might not have sounded so on my side all the time. I have to thank the Dye-O-Rama crowd, first of all my Dye-O-Rama-Mama Noelle, for this idea. I would never have started dyeing my own yarn if it wouldn't have been with the opportunity to send out the crappy first attempts to someone else ;-)

So, one swap down, next to come. Did I say 'spring' earlier? Well, after all, the days are getting shorter again, meaning winter is approaching soon. Ha! I am prepared. Somewhere out there is someone who will knit some wonderful warm socks to keep my toes toasty. And so will I do for someone in return. I am so looking forward. A big WooHoo for Amanda's Toasty Toes swap!

6 ummæli:

Liz sagði...

I *love* those colors...Should be real nice knitted up.

littlehedgehog sagði...

That yarn looks just like the first yarn I ever dyed too! It will knit up so beautifully! Glad you enjoyed the swap :D

Stitchy Fingers sagði...

I just found your blog and went through it. I enjoyed looking at the photos. I haven't been crafting for a while but now that I wandered to some knitting blogs I will get started again!
I get homesick too. (I feel envious when I read blogs and I see packages of Kool-Aid that people receive in their parcels. They will use it to dye their wool whereas we would prefer to drink it. Not that I miss drinking it so much but it just reminds me of home.) We can't just jump in a car/bus/train and go to see our families. There's all that water inbetween!

polly sagði...

I hope you enjoy making those socks!

Kathy sagði...

Your dye-o-rama yarn is so pretty and cheery! I'm sure that it will be fun to knit up!

Wanda sagði...

Fun yarn! That's awesome. Should be great socks.