föstudagur, maí 12, 2006

Virtual reality

Because everything still looks like this around here, I cannot really come to terms with the idea to celebrate green this month. I really need to indulge a little longer on the blossoming season.
Also, I am still having very sporadic encounters with digital cameras (but good news: my own was fixed by Canon supports and will be back in my hands next week!) but no problem. I proudly present stash pictures, meaning pictures from my stash, well.. you know what I mean.

Sculture with scarf
Back in March, you remember the red and pink month, I stumbled across this piece of art downtown. Some might say, only the sculpture is art and the unauthorized 'lost & found' installement, showcasing the red scarf, is mere disrespect. But I liked it, and the poor naked man did not look that pathetic anymore, next to a mount of snow advertising snowscouter excitements (which you can obviosly not see on the picture. Back then, I opted for a sunny spring picture)

On my April stroll in search of orange and yellow, I was surprised by the display of one of the yarn shops in Reykjavik. Could it be that they knew about Project Spectrum? Probably not... Nonetheless, they obviously had easter-blossom-yellowish theme in mind, too.

shop window

Not much later, I had the chance to actually enter the shop when doing a little guided yarn shopping tour in Reykjavik. How come? Well, Maggie came all the way from Canada to check out Icelandic yarn. Who's Maggie? Maggie is obviously an avid knitter and knit blog reader and was the first virtual knitter I ever met in real life. She appears to be a very nice person, though I might not entirely vouch for her sanity: She decided to spend eight looong weeks here in Iceland for a work placement. Well... a great liking for Icelandic horses and, as I gathered, long time acquaintance with Lopi wool might make it easier. Talking about wool, Maggie is no girl for small potatoes. Her project while being in Iceland (besides getting used to patriotic phrases as "you can drink the water from the tap, it's the best in the world") will be a lopapeysa! Apparently, knitting a patterned yoke in the round is not tricky enough, and thus, she opted for the hooded cardigan version. Woohoo!
Unfortunately, she is located on the other side of this island and so I have to do like you and keep track of her knitting progress - and other adventures (hint: cute horse pictures!) - by following her blog.

Ready for another virtual-reality experience? Seperated by I don't know how many thousand miles, two knitters are wearing the same socks. Isn't that cool? I made these oddly striped ankle socks from a 150g monster skein a while ago and my blog friend Wanda was the only one, who seemed to develop some liking for the unusual colour combination. [click here for a déjà vu picture] Is it still so? Don't I detect a trace of scepticism between the lines, Wanda?
Sculture with scarf

When I will be done with my last exam tomorrow - and have cleared up my study mess! (the really curious might want to enlarge the picture for a peek into my papers) - I will return with a post, possibly featuring one or more of the following topics:
  • adventures in dyeing
  • trials in lace knitting (I'm joining the amazing lace, unofficially for now, for certain reasons to be revealed later)
  • my life knitting in green (does anybody remember Elfine's socks?)

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amanda sagði...

You've been busy! And looks like you'll be even busier after exams. Good luck on exams!

Signe sagði...

Oh, I`m jeallows! I liked Iceland much and 8 weeks to spend there is absolutely normal :). I have very good memories from Iceland, people there and food and of course yarn! I even learned to eat fish ;).
I missed estonian food, yes, but I love this country too. I spend there 5 weeks.

Wanda sagði...

I'm so glad that school is done for you now! No, no skepticism, I am still loving my socks! They're so cute and I love the silly stripes. Can't wait to see what you will knit for the Amazing Lace. I joined it a couple of days ago myself.

Theresa sagði...

I got my socks! They are so fabulous! They fit so well! I love the box. I love everything about them. . . including the way they match my new car! If it's OK with you, I'm going to wait to post about them until Tuesday night, because that's when I'm picking up my new car, and I have a whole concept for a great post of the two of them together.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Maggie sagði...

Alas, I copped out on putting in a hood and settled for a regular collar. I had so much fun doing the sweater that I think I will make another in a dark color (if I calculate my suitcase space and determine I can FIT two Icelandic sweaters in there that is). Perhaps I will try a hood on that one!

And for the record, Carola is an excellent tour guide. She even arranged for the world´s first female president to be on the street when I was there! Talk about hospitality!