föstudagur, desember 02, 2005

Partly sunny

Is this what the weather forecast has in mind when they say 'partly sunny'? No photoshopping, just a strangly glowing sun(set - if you want to call it that around 2:30 pm).

As ususal I tend to underestimate the work load at the end of the year. There's the term's end with the always completely surprising number of exams and study papers. As if that wouldn't be enough, there's the growing amount of Christmas post, which does help financing my studies considerably, but also blows up my day job up into a 10h/d range. No time for knitting, well almost no time. At least no big progresses on anything.
Eris is steadily but v-e-r-y slowly growing. I added one entire skein to the finished collar. Problem now is that I don't know wether I really like how the collar's top looks like. The instructions, though very clear, left me puzzled about how the different increases work together to form a straight line down the tip. Of course the whole sweater depends by its design on the collar. There is no way to decide later that I'll just knit the collar again. I don't know what to do. Rip it again? I can't even decide, if I dislike the part so much that it's worth it - let aside the fact that I don't know if it would turn out different next time. Maybe, what I call fuzzyness is the design after all?
ErisEris close-up

On socks, I added a few lines to the Elfine's, turning the heel soon. [The tights are now so necessary that I even wear them inside. No walking on snow for some while I guess. Bloody wintertime!]

Then there's something that should have made its way into the New-vember. Well, too late. What you see here is fish skin. A dyed lax skin and I think the other is called 'leopard fish' (don't nail me down on this!)
Fish skin products, such as purses, wallets and other stuff are quite popular here. I thought I can do it myself. After purchasing the skin, I have these two little contradicting voices whispering
a) I can't do this, I don't even have a proper sewing machine and thus no sewing knowledge.
b) Everything I try out for the first time usually works fine, I just shouldnt try to repeat it 'properly'.
I will keep you informed.

Last but not LEAST, my yarn from the sock scrap swap arrived! Thanks go out again to Katie, who organised this swap and of course to Judy, who was my 'swapper'. I think it only took so long because the postman had to carry so much. What a load of scraps! Look!
I am still wondering how Judy is able to knit socks without yarn. I mean, she almost send entire skeins but she affirms that she knit socks from these very skeins. Have to take her word for it. It is beautiful stuff. A lot of yarn that I haven't tried yet like the Trekking and some cotton blends and I really like the colours. Thank you so much, Judy!
In case the 'scraps' are not enough for ankle socks, I think I will knit something from this booklet. Woohoo.. knitted toys, I'm all into that. Pretty nerdish to knit toy robots, but I like it. (order this booklet from Jess Hutch, who seems to be not only a funny, gifted designer but is also a very friendly person to communicate with.)

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katie sagði...

Yay and hooray! That means that all packages of sock yarn are present and accounted for. And it does look like your package was worth the wait!

Judy sagði...

I am SO glad they finally got there! And I really did knit socks from them...

What a beautiful picture of the sun "set"!! And midafternoon, too...that must be really strange. On the other hand, you get very long days in the summer, right? And not very hot weather...and SHEEP! Wow, maybe I want to move to Iceland!

Lolly sagði...

Glad you got your package finally! My sock scrap pal never wrote back- so I am not sure if she got hers :(

I love the knitted robots too - I think I need one. I guess that makes me a nerd as well!

Have a nice weekend, Carola!

amanda sagði...

Yay! You're alive! I can only imagine how busy you are between exams and the increased workload...maybe the good side is that you are so tired you sleep like a baby and awake fully rested and refreshed (something I can only dream of!).

Ok, I love cold weather but loathe tights, pantyhose, anything binding or constricting. Glad you are braver than I am! And on the fish skin thing...I've never seen anything of the sort but listen to voice b!!!

mama-of-purl sagði...

Gorgeous non-photoshopped picture:-)

Jenn sagði...

Beautiful pictures and THANK YOU for the goodies.

Greg came back to town yesterday and brought the mail from the post office. I was so surprised to see a package. Katie LOVES the puzzle, and she has claimed the purse (so she thinks) and we all ate the candy!

I think I will make myself some socks from the wool....yellow and pink are my favorite colors and I have no yellow socks!

Thank you again so much. This whole moving thing is really depressing and you made it much better :-)

mona sagði...

Stunning picture of the sunset!

Dorothee sagði...

Gorgeous picture!! I guess I won't complain about it being dark outside at 5p.m. here...

What are you going to make out of the scrap yarns?

Wanda sagði...

It is amazing, but yes, I'm sure she made socks out of hers too. That's what my sock scraps look like too. I always have loads of yarn leftover, although I do make my sock cuffs a little shorter, but I have bigger feet for a female too, so I dunno.

You should put the Eris collar on scrap yarn and try it on and see how you like it. It's kind of hard to tell with it scrunched up on the needles. Put it on you and see how you feel.