mánudagur, mars 27, 2006

Apocalypse now!

[Warning: NO knitting content in this post!]

What kind of a day is that? You come home and your street looks like an obstacle course.

Construction Kaldakinn
The detour leads you to a scary spot where you encounter this!
Dead Bird
I don't think that birdflue has eventually hit Iceland but it is a dead bird. Dangling down on only one claw. Sure, I came to learn by now that living creatures have to die. But like that?
While I was aiming for the right angle to take this morbid picture I was stalked by a cat.
disfiguered cat
Again, not a 'normal' cat, of course. But one that was displaying a spot of raw flesh on its cheek. Something obviously had bitten a chunk off this poor fellow. Ugh!

Just fitting to this poe-esque scenario, I learned as soon as I came home that science fiction author Stanislaw Lem has died today at the age of 84. I wouldn't call myself a big fan of science fiction per se and I haven't even read any of his books. However, he is partly responsible for one of my great passions (beside knitting) and that is radio plays. Way back, when I still lived in Berlin, somebody extremely clever had the idea to publicly celebrate radio plays (Hörspielkino unterm Sternenhimmel). The location was a planetarium and during the 'show' you could lie down in your seat and watch the (artificial) night sky. Don't think 'perfect' until I tell you what audio play I listened to. It was Stanislaw Lem's Mondnacht which is not only the first real audible working play I ever heard (meaning that the plot works according to the medium and wouldn't do so in a book or movie). Moreover, it was also such an incredible experience in this atmosphere beneeth the stars that just provided for an extra-shiver. So, in honour of Stanislaw Lem I will put these little buttons here today. You will now what to do - or not...
(~14 MB each!) My appologies, it is not like it ought to be in Polish but true to my memory in German ;-)

edit: I decided to take away the link to the audio files now. Leave me a comment if you are interested (in a trade of audio files perhaps?)

5 ummæli:

Scoutj sagði...

Yikes...... that's all very creepy!

Dipsy D. sagði...

Gosh - that sounds like a day right out of a horror movie! Hopefully it passed without further nightmares - it can only get better now, no?
Thanks for sharing the files of Stanislaw Lem, I'll have a listen to them right away - an amazing individual is gone...

Julia sagði...

Eww, the bird is so scary!

And too sad about Lem. I'm not a huge science fiction fan myself, but his stories are so captivating!

kris sagði...

that dead bird is freaky. why is it pretending to be a bat? also, the cat: ick.

Nancy sagði...

That was all far to creepy for me. I would have gone back home and hid under the blankets.