sunnudagur, mars 26, 2006

Pomi - pomo - pomposities

Sockapaloooza sock Pomatomus I in progress
The Sockapaloooza socks are troubling me this time. My pal wants something fun.
I was dead sure about the yarn (LL Irving Park) first, but couldn't find a suitable pattern. Lots of you commented on my attempt on the challenging Pomatomi ages ago. Thank you very much!
The result: this yarn and this pattern = big no no! What is a clever girl to do? No, don't abandon the pattern (which really has proven to be an ordeal) and knit something fun with the beauteous Lorna's Laces Irving Park. But: change the yarn! [*smite my forhead*] I casted on with Lanett's supersoft merino ull in a stunning red and everything looks fine. Don't you agree?

Because it's still Project Spectrum's red month (jaja, and pink, I know, can't we just forget that part?) and sunshine I will offer another picture.
I'm in love with this sock!
However, I cannot stop pondering about it being a rather austere beauty than actually shouting something fun!

Sockapaloooza sock Pomatomus I detail
Have you seen the HUGE amount of people that joined Project Spectrum? It is simply incredible what kind of great and creative ideas people come up with. I feel dull. Red yarn and taking pictures, that's just about my restricted ken. Somebody even made buttons for each month's colour. (you can find them here)
Project Spectrum March colours red&pink
I thought, I will simply focus on detecting the red and pink things in my everyday life (and there should be plenty because red is my favourite colour) - but - others obviously had this idea long before me [Sigh] and that's why I jump on the bandwagon with delay and answer to Margene's meme. My contribution is a little collage which I in a sudden arty attack call 'On an empty stomach'. All those things brighten my day on my morning stroll around the house, well, at least if my eyes happen to be open.
Somehow the collage gives me the creeps because it looks so chaotic and unprofessional. But then, that's me...
Project Spectrum March Collage in red

Lastly, a glimpse of the flags (= embassies or representations) I pass by on the short walk from my work place to the bus station. The Japanese unfortunately do not flag (don't they know it's Project Spectrum's red months!?) and the Chinese are a bit out of the way. I wouldn't boast with the global scope of my little world if it wouldn't be for the connection to the next post, which is dedicated to another pair of socks.
Sockapaloooza sock Pomatomus I detail

7 ummæli:

Scoutj sagði...

Those look awesome!

Ashley sagði...

Love them in red--especially against that beautiful blue sky!

Liz sagði...

Love the socks!

Judy sagði...

Red always means fun!

Kira sagði...

Just starting some pomatomous myself. I have a real problem with typing the name correctly for some reason... Your red ones are beautiful of course!

And I like your chaotic collage!

Wanda sagði...

Actually I think the socks are fun and don't shout austere beauty. They are quite beautiful to look at, nothing austere about them. Making them in a solid is really quite a gorgeous sock. I'm curious what was wrong with the Lorna's Laces with this pattern?

Emily sagði...

Beautiful! I love them on the blue blue sky!