miðvikudagur, mars 15, 2006

My book is my castle

'Soon' or even 'tomorrow' - did I really promise that?
Anyway, I'm back. Thank you all so very much for your condolences! I tried and try to answer them but you all know the blogger problem with anonymised comments. After all, I thought you more want to be assured that your virtual hugs and comforting words mattered to me than getting personal feedback. Be assured, it helped a lot! Thanks again.

Currently, I am spending literally whole days (as in 'from 8:15 am to 10:00 pm') in Landsbókasafn Ísland or 'The National Library of Iceland' (which seems to have a disturbing impact on my vocabulary) - and why not take you there?

The National Library of Iceland

The modern architecture of this building resembles a fortress, complete with a real moat. The intention of this is most probably the idea that books (=knowledge, history, culture, education) are more valuable goods than for example gold and arms to keep safe in such a place. At least I like this idea and Iceland has no other castles or fortresses to compete with this one.

Because it is also a little Project Spectrum-ish and I am badly behind on this one, I'll show you a little more.

The National Library of Iceland
an example of the wellness factor

don't miss the raven's flight [mouseover]

My desk
My desk, complete with a project spectrum related snack and...

Yes, a knitting project! Don't get the wrong impression. It's only lying there for a homy feeling, not that I would have the time for it other than when commuting. (It's a blind flight: they are going to be ANOTHER pair of Rib and Cable socks in the Regia Canadian colourway Vancouver once they are grown-up.)
I promised some colourful pictures and had really second thoughts about showing cheerful knitting pics while I am so painfully short of time for knitting myself. But what the heck, we all enjoy a peak.

Welcome my first Lorna's Laces sock ever! Singular, for now. The fun with LL has been extremely long lasting, considering that I operated on these sock/s already last year. The project is however a delight.
modified Jaywalker

The fabulous wool in the sizzling colourway 'Bittersweet' was a generous gift from Amanda (wait until you see her next strike!) and the pattern is Jaywalker, of course. (The unregularity on the sole is another attempt to strengthen the sole with slipped stitches)
I decided to avoid pooling on this one, adopting the omnipresent advice to knit with two skeins. Well, I just happend to have them ready after all my first swatches with different patterns and needle sizes. Since somebody was asked how I do this, here is a picture inside out.
alternating skeins

In this case, I'll swapped skeins randomly, well, checking them for identical colour sequels before I swapped. The idle strand is weaved in all the way up, carrying it inside the work or outside alterning every row. When changing, I make sure to twist the new thread around the old to avoid holes.

At last, the obligatory note on the weather report. Wondering about the sunny pictures? So do I! European readers, check out Icelandair if you have a little time (and a little more pocket money!) to spend for they offer cheap flights to Iceland, announcing them as 'escaping the snow'! Apparently, ICEland (or I should say Reykjavik) is the only part of Europe that is not covered in snow. Anyone from the Faroers?
alternating skeins

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Ashley sagði...

Carola! What are you doing with Maria Edgeworth?? I have a whole chapter in my dissertation on her!

Leah sagði...

Love the Bittersweet colorway!

And what an ultra modern library! Too cool!

Beth S. sagði...

The Icelanders have the right idea. Books as a national treasure: heck yes!

Maria Edgeworth was a Gothic-type novelist, right? That seems to ring a bell...

Scoutj sagði...

Glad to have you *back*

Say sagði...

My belated condolences on your loss Carola.

That colourway of Lorna's laces seems to be so popular this year! Or maybe it's just that everyone is gravitating toward springy colours this time of year.

Ah, I'd love to go to Iceland.... It's one of my dreams.

amanda sagði...

Your Jaywalkers look great Carola! Yay for happy feet :O)

And the library is an awesome building. I'm guessing you are spending most of your time reading Irish lit. I don't suppose your prof will weaken to consumption before exams? Who knows, maybe the fresh, cold Icelandic air has put some color back into her cheeks...alas, read on and prepare for your exams.

Laura sagði...

Lovely pictures (and socks)! Ooh, Kit Kats. My all-time favorite candy bar. I'm thinking of going back to the Rib and Cables too, for my sockpal.

Lolly sagði...

Thank you thank you for showing us the lovely National Library of Iceland! I love that red! (and I am a librarian!) Do you know that I have had Iceland on the brain lately? I really want to get to your country some day!

That sock you are working on is stunning, Carola.

All the best to you,

Cheryl sagði...


Thank you for the pictures of the National Library. (I'm a librarian!) I visited this library a few years ago, to see the Icelandic Sagas. I bought my daughter paper and a pencil eraser from the little store in the front of the library. Is the little store still there? Am I remembering correctly? Your socks and your knitting are so beautiful. I wish you could help me with my socks.

Wanda sagði...

Glad to see you back and posting again. Love the new Lorna's Laces sock as well as the Regia Canada colors sock too.