miðvikudagur, október 26, 2005

Scrap swap

There was a sock scrap swap, kindly initiated and hosted by Straying Power. We were supposed to send out the yarn by Monday. My appologies for the delay! Finally, this is on the way to its new home.

Sock scrap swap
I'm kind of confused about the fact that I have only tiny bits of left-overs, at least compared to the other participants. Maybe I have giant feet or knit too long socks? However, I do hope my swap pal will find a way to make use of those scraps. Hi pal, I forgot to mention on the little tags and in the letter that everything is 'superwash'.

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Wanda sagði...

It's funny some of your scraps are less than most of mine, but your feet look pretty small from the finished socks I've seen displayed on your blog, but maybe your skeins were short in yardage? Ahh, who knows? It doesn't matter. our sock scrap swap pal will be happy, nonetheless.