fimmtudagur, október 27, 2005

Entertaining suspicion

Today I got a very official looking letter. It is from the main post office and tells me there is a sending waiting for me. Why don't they just bring it? The 'object' arouses the curiosity of the customs officials. Ha!!!
Now, I either way have to go there and bail it out - or give them a call with the permission to open it, fix the costums duties and deliver it to my place.
The funny thing number one: It is to 99,999% my sock scrap swap mail. And for that I do have to go there. I can't wait to see the faces of the officers when they see the content (What on earth can have made them curious!? Where they just clueless about the x-ray? Does the wool come from a pet home and the drug dogs went wild?)

The last (and only other) occasion I had to go there was when I moved to Iceland. I had developed some kind of trauma the weeks before about putting all my earthly possession onto a container ship in the midst of winter. There had even been a TV docu (or was it a 10 sec news clip?) on how many containers those ships drop off in bad weather. You saw the entire first and parts of the second layer of containers washed overboard, counting.. 20..25..30 containers. I couldn't bear the idea to see my belongings drowned in the winterly cold Atlantic. In result, I decided to sent all my photos by post, airmail! tricky.. What is more, I seperated negatives from paper copies and took the negatives with me on the plane. While some handluggage with thousands of negatives caused no problem, the parcel with the paper copies did. The customs officials freaked and wanted to look inside. Not only inside the box, but inside the photo books and bags. Luckily for all of us, they got bored soon.

Now to funny thing number two about this letter today. Just this week, we had a case in the papers about a post(wo)man being arrested for smuggling drugs into the country. The idea was to have the parcels, containing cocaine, send to an invalid address in her postal district where she could get hold of them and put them aside.
Well, it appears the customs officials are very cautious these days.

Dear sock scrap pal, you already made my day. I'm highly amused. Thank you! Honestly!
Can't wait to see those faces tomorrow. [giggle]

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katie sagði...

Oh dear, when I started this swap, I had no idea that I would be contributing to the ever-worsening yarn smuggling problem in Iceland. Good luck getting your yarn tomorrow!

Wanda sagði...

See Carola, there you are causing trouble with the post again! I can't believe you sent all of your photos via airmail, that's hilarious! Oh, well, go pick up your mail and hopefully everything will be fine!