sunnudagur, október 16, 2005


I cannot think Socktoberfest without thinking Oktoberfest=Bier, sorry, beer. I'm not alone. Somebody specially requested to show local brew sendings pictures. Here you go:

Jaywalker sock with Oktoberbier
Jaja, Besserwissers, it not all local. So we only count the three to the left. There I've got a Pilsener from Egils, which I absolutely adore for the funny plastic bottle. Not long ago the bottle was shaped exactly like any 0,5l coke or soda bottle. I thought this to be extremely funny in a country that a) has very strict laws on alcohol, not to mention the insane tax on it and b) has even stricter rules on tobacco*. All for the sake of us immature citizens of course.
However, the same humor is necessary for the invention of Viking's Lite beer. Lite = not low alcohol but aiming for 0 calories. The one left is a standard Viking (Pilsener). You want to try them in a pub over here. Okeedokee, let me see 10 bucks. Yes, that's true!
Somehow the weekend is over now and my personal Oktoberfest didn't happen. Lack of participants, I daresay. I tried the 'Lite' beer and it was okay.
Jaywalker sockLess beer, more knitting? Should have been so! But I was occupied otherwise (Hasn't university just started? Why am I to hand in papers already!?)
But I almost finished the first Jaywalker over this weekend The pattern is f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s! I love how they look on the leg. Bit like a fishbone corset. On my leg? okay, forget about that..

Nevertheless, I am not at all happy with the k2p2 cuff. and I wouldn't mention it at all if it wouldn't be the suggested one in the intructions AND look great in the picture. It's all saggy in my sock.
I think I am going to change it. I imagine a nice tricky CO I've never tried before that gives (an) accentuated straight line(s) just before the zigzagging starts. Just have to find an idea how to without - ahhh - frogging the entire sock!

Jaywalker sock detail

*It's by law forbidden to display tobacco for sale in shops, even in ...ahem... tobacco shops. The rule is also that shop owners or assistants are in no way to support your purchase of cigarettes. As a result you can sometimes overhear very funny dialogues:
- Malboro lights please.
- Sorry, we don't have them.
- Hm.. then Luckies.
- Sorry, they're out as well.
- Okay, so what do you have?
- Sorry, I mustn't tell you.

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jacqueline sagði...

i love that sock! the colours seem to work perfectly with it.

and you're right. just like herringbone stockings.

Laura sagði...

Love your jaywalker! I am debating about a sock top for my son's socks and maybe I should think jaywalker.

Also, your story about buying cigarettes is hilarious. I love the idea of legislating that salespeople can't enable a purchase. So funny!

amanda sagði...

that is pretty funny about the cigarettes. you must have to have xray vision or mind reading abilities to be able to purchase them :O)

Steph sagði...

I love these little anecdotes, more more more please. Great socks, what about a picot bind-off? I forgot where I saw one but it looked pretty. And the beer! I'm putting myself on a diet right now so I can indulge during my trip to Germany. How I miss my Augustiner!

Wanda sagði...

Pretty socks. I really like them.

Dorothee sagði...

You put the "yay!" back in "enthusiyaysm" ;-)
I signed up for socktoberfest, too!

Jud sagði...

Thanks for visiting my blog and voting! That's funny about the cigarettes...where in the arctic are you? I need to read your back entries to find out.

Judy sagði...

That should be Judy, not Jud!

jess sagði...

aha! i am not the only one who posted beer + socks together! :)

Nafnlaus sagði...