mánudagur, október 24, 2005


Today on something completely different:

"It's October 24th, the women’s rights day.
Here in Iceland a woman only earns 64,15% of what a man earns. The student council wants to put in an effort to eliminate gender biased wages from our society, and guarantee every one of it’s clients equal opportunities after they finish their education. Every woman is encouraged to quit work at 14:08 today and join the march and gathering at 15:00, where speeches on women's rights will be held.
The timing, 14:08, is not randomly chosen because by this time a man has earned what a woman earns in a full working day.
Every male colleague is encouraged to show their fellow employers active support."
Mail from the Student Councel of the University of Iceland
Makes one think, isn't it. Funny - if you can call it that at all - is that today is also the 30th anniversary of the first women's right day here and it is more than sad to imagine, that 'our daughter's' have to continue the fight of our mothers.

I've been very busy the last days as you have probably noticed (no posts) and it will go on like this at least until tomorrow night.
However, I took some photos today before the cold killed my camera or more the batteries.
Since I had some time to spare between the gender related short working hours and the demonstration today, I could use the time for some shopping. (The nice ladies in the craft and wool shop opened longer due to the tourists. Or because they are paid generously? I don't know)

Fish socks with shopping bag
I'm not going to tell you what is in the bag, at least for now. Only that much: It is wool but no yarn. I'm planning to work on a bigger project for some weeks now. Hopefully I can squeeze out some hours for it on one of the next weekends.

Fish sock with EirikurMy Opal Rainforest Fish socks are finished and made their first public/political appearance today. I will introduce them in a special post later, After all, it is Socktober and they deserve it! (The arrow is pointing at the statue of Erik the Red, who 'discovered' Greenland. His son Leifur went further to discover America and - it's women's day: Eriks daughter Freydis is said to have given birth to the first 'European' settler in America, when she courageously dared to join the settlement expedition already being pregnant. What a restless family..)

That's were we gathered to march downtown. Hallgrimskirkja. I was taking the picture with the idea in mind to do some distance sightseeing, like Jacqueline is doing so nicely in her "A minute in Melbourne" posts. Well, not today, I'm afraid. I'll just leave you with the picture for now and will hopefully come back soon.


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Kira sagði...

What fabulous shoes to show off the fabulous socks! It's great to see another post from you! It's been a while!
I love seeing pictures of where knit bloggers live too!!

Wanda sagði...

It is sad in this day and age that we are still not given full equality, but that day will come. Women are taking over!
I love the Rainforest socks, those are so cute. Hmm, I wanna know what's in the bag. Are you taking up spinning? Keep us posted!

amanda sagði...

can't wait to see what you are up to with the mystery in your bag. your knitpicks stuff is going into the mail tomorrow morning....start the countdown!