laugardagur, október 01, 2005

Fishy business

I abandoned the Amble socks for a while since I was not able to meet the deadline of the SixSoxKAL anyway. Merely needs knitting the toes, but I am a little shy to start them both at the same time. Wimpy, I know. But I am also not really looking forward to the new pattern, mosaic knitting. I'm sure I will enjoy the technique, but I am pretty sure as well that I don't really want to have it on the leg of my socks. Hmm? Or shall I give it a try?
But I've got other fish to fry. [haha]
I had fun with the fish sock and even more so since Amanda pointed out for me that it reminds her of Dory from 'Finding Nemo'. I knew there was something personal about it...
Well, what can I tell you? I decided to give the Rib and Cable pattern from InterweaveKnits Fall 2005 another try. In fact, I tried it without referring to the original pattern and so my cables mysteriously twist into the opposite direction. [???]
Everything went fine until I reached the turning of the heel. On the left hand side you see what it looks like in my sock and on the right side you've got the official Opal reference.

Opal Rainforest Sock - FishOpal Rainforest Sock - Fish
So far so good.
When I was about to turning the heel, however, there was a mean knot in the skein. It was not only breaking the colour sequel but reversing it! Okay, I learned to live with that, even looking forward to the mirroring effect of leg and foot. Until.. the sequence doesn't fit at all anymore. I know that you can't count on matching sequels 100% but this one is tedious. As much as I like the yarn (and Opal yarns in general) I am not pleased with the quality of this skein. Fortunately, the socks are for me and the flaws are on more or less invisible places. As long as I wear them unobserved. But isn't the heel/gusset just the spot you have to show when encountering another knitter? Sorry Opal, while displaying my perfect gusset, I will have to show off your faulty product then!
Opal Rainforest Sock - FishOpal Rainforest Sock - FishOpal Rainforest Sock - Fish

Addendum: I've seen some more fish around in the knitting universe. Among many others I can't find anymore I have to point you to this page were you can find the cutest fish blanket ever. And a German knitter, Nicole (found her thanks to Alison's thousands of sockapal2za links), also does a very neat job on knitting and showing fishies. Have to transform my left-overs into fish. Now!

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jacqueline sagði...

being the anal knitter that i am - mistakes or knots in skeins completely stress me out. i think you have done a fantastic job even though the opal yarns has stacked the cards against you.

Mirjam Karres sagði...

Hello Carola,
You have such a nice weblog! I found it by accident surching for inspiration for making my own weblog. Really great how your web lay-out is and your knitting is inspiring.
I'm from Amsterdam and for profession pianiste, since two months I have rediscovered knitting (because started knitting when I was 6 years in school, was fun!). It's addictionally!
But.....still beginner but becoming a real fan.
Thanks for posting your weblog, it gives me more courrage to go on!
Many greetings,
Mirjam Karres

Wanda sagði...

Still loving the Opal rainforest regardless of the problems, it looks great. I lov the page of Nicole who is making fishes out of her leftover sock yarn, I presume. She had one post with a box full of sock yarn. I totally wanted it all!

amanda sagði...

I'm a total freak about knots (especially the ones I didn't make) in my yarn so I would've been mighty upset. That said, your socks still look great and you should be pleased! You conquered the Opal tangles and have socks to show for it :O)

Steph sagði...

A knot in sockyarn is terrible. But they still look wonderful. I always think self-striping sockyarn is funny (in a good way) anyway, so if it doesn't match, it just adds to the charm.