miðvikudagur, september 28, 2005

Thank you all!

Noro hat

My ear is fine again, thank you all for your kind words and wishes! I am sure it mainly healed because of your sympathies! I did some speed knitting and now my ears are well protected, the replacement hat is finished - as well as the trollish look.

It's a delight to go out again. Almost clear skies and beautiful sunlight. It's not all that bad to go to work, if this is the morning view.
Reykjavik harbour

Another view later in the day. The snowy montains on the other side of the bay (Mt. Esja), brrr.. cold! But makes me itching for skiing.
Coastline Seltjarnarnes

We only had about ten minutes soft hail today. Ha, laughable! Otherwise, it has been bright over the last days - and nights! Meaning, I could see northern lights last night.
Northern lights
I love them! They've been very vivid and I stood in the cold for ages to look at them. Most Icelanders cannot understand my excitement and rather watch TV ;-) (Well, more clever if you want to get knitting done...) But I don't get tired of them, even after years. Unfortunately my digital camera is too bad to capture them. So I'll just steal an image and link you to an 'Iceland excursions' page. So go there and feed your travel bug.

Knitting report: I won't finish the Amble socks for the SixSox KAL in time. My excuse: September is a day short. However, they are almost done and will not end up abandoned like so many other projects.
I couldn't resist to start the 'fish' (Rainforest Opal) and this yarn is so much fun! Pictures another time.

7 ummæli:

Kira sagði...

I would be out there in the cold with you looking at the sky - it's fantastic.

Rachel sagði...

Glad to hear that you're feeling better. Those sky pictures are gorgeous. I've never seen the Northern Lights, how lucky you are!

Lolly sagði...

So glad to hear that your ear is better! and a toasty new hat!

I do hope to see the Northern Lights one day. I would love to make it to Iceland!! Maybe once I graduate ;)

Wanda sagði...

The Northern Lights are beautiful and I don't blame you for standing outside and watching it. I think you need to crank out the Amble socks by oh, today! And just call it done! ;-) (kidding)

The Opal fish socks, so cute. I wouldn't be able to resist it either. That's for sure. Glad you're feeling better! And the hat is super cute too. Must protect the ears!

jacqueline sagði...

i have to say - i would also be out there looking at the sky with you! what an experience...you are soooo lucky. we don't get anything like that in australia. i would love to visit iceland oneday but i am not sure if i could quite bring myself to try a winter wonderland excersion.

Tracy sagði...

I've only seen them a couple of times, once when I was in Norway many years ago and the other was in Scotland believe it ot not when I was a little girl. It doesn't happen very much here as you know, but I can still remember thinking it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Lovely views you have there including your hat!

amanda sagði...

One of my must do things is see the Northern Lights. Too bad I'm not in Iceland or I'd have been out there with you and a thermos of warm coco. They are breathtaking in pics...can't imagine what they are like in person.