föstudagur, október 07, 2005

Falling in love with socks

Remember the parcel I was talking about? Now, what was inside? Look, somehow the parcel's content looks strangely familiar.

[I love off-topic boxes when it comes to gift wrapping]

Sockapla-2-za socks from Alison

What can I say - I have the best sockpal of all, the Queen of sockapaltwoza so to speak: Lovely Alison from the blue blog. Woohoo!
Alison, you rock!

These socks are absolutely fantastic! My feet have never had the pleasure to touch yarn sooo soft and luscious. And the colour [sigh] the colour! Alison, you are absolutely right, this is exactly my colour! And as you all expect from Alison, they are knitted up in uttermost perfection. If you will excuse the pun, they fit like a glove.. hehe..
(Want to check out the most prettiest and perfect short-row heel?)

Due to the disrupted internet connection over here, I couldn't run and post about my precious immediatly. Nice for me though, for I could enjoy some quality time with these delicious socks.
We watched a video together (Carnivale) and they seem to be pretty tolerant to highly confusing input. very well.. They appeared not to be a tiny bit jealous and so I worked on knitting up some friends. And finally, they are so alluring that - head over heels in love - I had no objections: to bed together on the first date!
Sockapal-2-za socks watching TVSockapal-2-za socks making friendsIn bed with the Sockapal-2-za socks from Alison

They are fabulous! I have to thank you so much, Alison. The whole sock exchange was so much fun. I found loads of interesting blogs, more than I can ever follow. I had contact with the nicest imaginable knitters and I learned so much about sock knitting.
What I couldn't predict at all was the overwhelming sensation of receiving something that a stranger has knitted - for me! All the planning, all the work. Amazing... Nobody ever knitted something for me before. (Well, the cute smurf my mom made for me of course, but I have to admit that I did not cherish it as something 'knitted' back then)

But... excuse me now, I have to stop typing and pay full attention to my new socks. Need both hands to pet them...

Ewas SockenwolleWait, I almost forgot to mention that Alison sent some lovely yarn with the socks. This is some exclusive stuff, literally, because it's part of a limited collection made by Ewa. And it gets better and better, I will soon be the most happy owner of two skeins of this luxury yarn because I am awaiting a swap yarn from Dorothee. Am I the happiest girl in the world for now? Yes, I am.

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Steph sagði...

Very pretty socks! And the smurf is amazing! Did your mom make that pattern up? I love the socks he's wearing.

katie sagði...

What lucky feet you have! And that yarn looks so beautiful in it's balled up pattern, how will you ever unravel it?

Kira sagði...

Wow, to have Alison as your sockpal.... They are a lovely colour and I know that your feet will be very happy!

Lolly sagði...

Your new socks are great! I love all of your socks... you were one of my inspirations behind my new Socktober knitalong (you can join if you want! let me know). I just love looking through your gallery--I have been back many times just to do so.

Carnivale was a great great show. I was so sad when HBO canceled it after the 2nd season... I still get upset to think about it!

Mirjam sagði...

you write so funny, indeed it is like falling in love and being on a pink cloud.
They are beautiful!

Jenn sagði...

Oh your socks are beautiful and that yarn Oh my gosh...I went o her website to buy some but well, my german is VERY bad and couldn't find it!

My poor Grnadmother would be ashamed of me. She was from Germany, and she and all of her 7 children spoke German at home until my Mother was five. My Grnadfather couldn't speak a word of it LOL....of course my Mother only remembers curse words so she is of no help.....

I got your Cow postcard...thank you so much! I love it. It's on the fridge where I can see it all day :-)

katie o. sagði...

Those socks are great-and the short row heels are beyond perfect! How does she get them like tht?!

I enjoyed reading your blog-you are so funny!
-Katie O.

Wanda sagði...

What a fabulous sock pal to have!! Yay you! Love the socks and your sense of humor. To bed on the first date, no problem! Had me rolling on the floor! :-)