föstudagur, október 07, 2005


There has been some trouble lately with my internet connection at home. First I thought it has something to do with the constructions going on in our street. I was cursing the little orange waterproof packed men with all my heart.
Next day I read that there had been a complete internet outage. The whole country was disconnected for a night. Wow, I will remember this date and check the birth statistics for a peak later on.
However, the country's main server seems to work again, but I'm still facing troubles at home. Like when they cut off your water and there's air in the pipes (what is actually the case here too). The bits merely drop in, unfrequently even. But in general it's for the good, and I'm not talking the new asphalt and pavements here - we are going to get a broad-band connection once this is finished! Nice.
Okay, but know to what happend while I was off-line.

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