sunnudagur, september 11, 2005

about luck

[there's something wrong with my picture server today, I can do nothing about it but wait, sorry!]

First on bad luck. Well, it's not that bad. There's some nice weather today (=sunny but cold!) and I took some pictures of my hilarious gardening attempts. More precisely, the results.
Here you have the bonsai version of tomatoes, raspberries and sunflowers. I don't understand this sunflower thing. They will most likely not bloom anymore because they have to face night frosting now. But why?? do sunflowers take it bad when they are priviliged to grow in a climate where there's sunshine 24/7 for a couple of months. (Okay, sunshine, you know I mean the indriect solarisation) And why the heck are they so tiny anyway!!
Bonsai tomatoes mini raspberries with a lot of weed there's sun but where's the flower

Amble socks on two needlesConcerning the knitting business, I got started on the two circulars method - and not being shy - even with two socks at the same time.
Great! I haven't knitted with "metal" needles for a loooong while but it feels okay. The Amble sock pattern is probably especially smart for knitting two socks at the same time because the pattern repeats are so long, or so few, pick your point of view. Now I have four repeats each round. Easy to remember, time enough to get used to, short enough for not being bored. Perfecto! Haven't made any mistake so far, no ripping back. I am a happy girl today ;-)

Ah.. talking about happy. I was also awarded the "runner-up" in a contest over at knitfreak Dorothee's and have to go over there now and arrange a yarn swap. Lucky me!

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