sunnudagur, ágúst 21, 2005

hisssssss... it'ssssss done

Gryffindor bookmarkMy Harry-Potter-Gryffindor-scarf-bookmark has long been finished. Well in time for being useful as a bookmark. True to the sorting hat's request I help to overcome the alienation of the houses (being myself sorted to Ravenclaw): The Gryffindor scarf will hibernate now together with the beast from the 'Chamber of Secrets' until the arrival of Harry Potter 7.

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Idea, gallery and a pattern originally from here.

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Jen sagði...

Regarding the yarn cakes, believe it or not, EZ and Meg Swansen do knit with them 1-ply for lace shawls as well as for their Swedish Dubbelmossa. They also strand them 2-ply for warmer and thicker garments, as you do. Once I finish my socka-pal-2-za socks I'll start the pereline and post a photo so you can see. Granted, I haven't worked with the cakes before, but have been told that if treated gently, 1-ply will work. If you hold a strand between your fingers, say a stitch's worth apart (a shorter distance than the fibers are long), and pull, the strand is actually quite strong, so each stitch has strength & integrity on its own. Anyway, I'll give it a whirl. Best, Jen

Jen sagði...

Down to single hairs--wow! No wonder you were giving me warning. I'll see how this stuff is. Thanks much for your advice. As I said before, I haven't used it yet, so we'll see! My socks WERE finished but when I tried them on (of course I made the second one before trying them on) I found the heel I'd done was much too tight. So, more work to do! Best.

katie sagði...

The scarf is looking good... I made one, but started using it as a bookmark before I added the fringe. Now I'm done reading, but the scarf is still fringeless. :)

Oh, and I like the color of the sock in your last post, too.