fimmtudagur, júlí 14, 2005


I mentioned to probably post some pictures of the trip to the north from last weekend. But before I do so, excuse some lines of reminisce about my first fashion adventure.
When I was little, my grandpa used to make a lot of clothes for me. He was a tailor and what is more a gentlemen's tailor. [Sometimes he would crawl close to the TV screen to make sure that the latest customer, a TV show host, was comfortable with his latest adjustment on the shoulder seam.]
But back to me: I was lucky enough to be the oldest child what meant that all my clothes were new (sewn). But otherwise we suffered equaly since the fabrics my grandpa would use for sewing us some trousers were left-overs from the shop. A selection of greyish or pin-striped woolen fabrics - determined to please a little girl's longing for colour... Additionally, my grandpa was not really flexible when it came to patterns and so we basically got miniature suits, or precisely trousers.
To balance this rather masculine fashion style we had my grandma, who was also working in the sewing business. Unfortunately, her field of work were curtains... I have to admit, she made some very cute dresses for my sister and me, but in general it was kind of an odd combination, wearing the curtain-like tops and the greyish SCRATCHY suit trousers. You can call that a hard time!
Finally, I was old enough to a) decide what I want to wear* and b) to be trusted with enough money for going shopping on my own (this all happend very much later in life than it seems to occurs with the kids these days, I'm afraid) So I purchased my first pair of jeans! I cannot recall the exact date but I remeber that it was the age of bad taste aka the 80's and the hottest thing was to wear jeans with open cracks on the legs. And in the good old times you hard to tear them yourself. You can probably imagine the outrage this caused at home when I grabbed some scissors to give the brand new trousers a trim.

.... *decide/want... in fact merely able to utter the will to follow an unforgivable stupid fashion trend...

Back to the thread: I saw this last weekend.

Torn LopiA nice young girl wearing an Icelandic Lopi cardigan and proudly showing off the torn sleeve. You cannot see it on the rather blurry picture, but the sweater was not that worn out all over. Torn LopiHence my suspicion that this was the result of an intentional crime. I gasped and stared in horror. The next thoughts were: get a picture and: poor mom and dad, poor grandparents! - what did I do to you! [Of course I never harmed any of the self-made clothes in a physical way. I merely loathed them.] Then I tiptoed around to get some unsuspicious shots in the rather dark dancing hall. However, I didn't really think about posting them until I saw another deliberately torn wool sweater today. Am I observing a new trend? Is it a serious sign of getting really old? I mean, I am feeling pain if I see this kind of disrespect for self-made clothes? Am I the only one?

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erika sagði...

Now that's very interesting--I think I saw a ripped sweater too.

Did you read my blog entry about the "trend" that the Alafoss people told me about? How the sweater patterns are being simplified and adopted by young women? Have you seen that also?

It's too warm here to knit Lopi, but I can't wait for cooler weather to start knitting up my Iceland yarn. And no, I will NOT be making intentional holes in the completed sweater!!!