þriðjudagur, janúar 31, 2006

Coughing fish?

Fingerles mittens named Kolenya
Remember how I unvented gloves with little bridges between the fingers? I was and still am very pleased with the result. So very much indeed that I found myself knitting another pair and another pair and another pair... Finally, I decided despite the fun I have knitting with Noro, that it is time now to have other knitters have there own go and for me to move on with some other knitting.

Here you go: Kolenya.pdf (~ 550 KB)

[I have some problems with my server. If you are not able to download the file from here, please leave a comment, not anonymous! - and I am happy to send you the file via email]

Glotten vs KolenyaKolenya? you ask Well, I thought it is only fair to give them a proper name, better than 'glottens'. On the picture to the right they reminded me so much of a deep-sea fish and hence browsing names for such species I stumbled across this.

Kolenya: Miwok name for coughing fish

Intrigued by the sort-of similiarity to Kureyon it had to be this one. But also the 'explanation' is worth it! More or less common is probably the name Miwok but what the heck is a coughing fish!? You may enlighten me if you can, but I also feel quite content relying on my imagination.

Kolenya is a very simple and fast knit and best of all a one skein project. Ideal to just try out Noro Kureyon (or Noro Silk Garden) or destash.
Eventhough the 'bridges' are crocheted, they do not require any skills. Why? Because I do not know how to crochet myself and just used a crochet hook for twisting and knotting the yarn in a way a knitting needle wouldn't do. In the end it is all about making a garment out of a single, long thread, isn't it?

Of course, this is a free pattern, meaning: feel free to send me your comments and suggestions and let me know about problems and mistakes.
It would be great if you leave me a comment when you are using the pattern, I would love to see your version. And who knows, maybe there will be a gallery one day.
Have fun and happy knitting!


WandaWoman sagði...

I love the name Kolenya. Much better than glottens, imo. I tried to download the pattern, but it takes me to a page that says the page is protected by Ugla and all students and employees of the university of Iceland can use Ugla. And it requests a username and password. I have no way to get the pattern. Maybe you can email it to me?

Nafnlaus sagði...

I also wasn't able to download the pattern - I got a "file not found" message.

amanda sagði...

I love those bright kolenya's hanging on a dead snow covered shrub. Now I know why you knit so many pair --the colors lit up your winter. They look great!

kathy b sagði...


I love the Miwok. Coughing fish eh? I love the photo you shot of them. Delightful. Noro beautiful they are. Happy Groundhog day.

Van sagði...

those are absolutely wonderful. It looks like you can crochet pretty good to me and yeah its about making clothing with one long single thread. I chrochet also and can read a pattern to save my life but I make out pretty good. I even sell some of my stuff. Since summer is coming Im making a bunch of crochet tops, swimwear, bags and skirt type coverups. My greatest work is a mid hip chrochet corset and matching 12 in long pleated cheerleaders style skirt. I havent figured out how to post pictures either but im working on it.

Nafnlaus sagði...

How interesting to "discover" you. I am 34YO, Danish, living in Denmark with my family, but our very best friends, also a family of four, live in Iceland, too (in Kopavogur) so I always find a special interest in Icelandic things. We have visited them a couple of times and just LOVE Reykjavik and the spectacular view from there (but are rather depressed by all the black "sand" everywhere *lol*)..

Nafnlaus sagði...

I am unable to download the Coughing Fish fingerless gloves Pattern. I would love to make them for my granddaughters. Would you be so kind as to email me the pattern? Thank you in advance.

Carola sagði...

Hi Dorothy.
Thank you for your interest! I would be happy to mail the pattern to you. Unfortunately, your comment does not include neither an email address nor a blog where I could possibly contact you. So in case you are ever checking these comments again, send me an email to falca AT web DOT de. and I will sort things out from there. Thank you.

Nafnlaus sagði...

Thanks for sharing your pattern -- both the name and the crochet finger bridges are very clever.

Nafnlaus sagði...

How could I be so dumb as to not give you my email address? Here it is. Please omit all the spaces. And, thank you in advance for sharing your pattern.
eholc 77 @ aol . com

Elemmaciltur sagði...

Ooooooooh! Winter's back in Munich...but I don't know how long...I have until Sunday until I leave for Thailand for a month and a half....I wonder if I'd be able to make a pair of Kolenya before going...they look soooooo fab!

Charles sagði...

Hi~~~I saw elemmaciltur making "Kolenya"!! Iam totally hook on it!!! IT is sad..because I CAN NOT OPEN THE FILE!!!
CAN YOU SEND me the pattern on my email?

Thank YOU so much!!~~~It will be great fall!!!

Terri Lynn sagði...

Great Pattern, thanks for sharing!

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul sagði...

I love the pattern. Unfortunately it won't let me download it:( my email
remove the stuff inbrackets

Nafnlaus sagði...

I've had a ball and a half of Noro that's been waiting for the perfect project. I've knit and reknit it about 5 times in the last year!
Looks like you've saved the day.
Thank you for sharing this!

Anamorena sagði...

Muchas gracias...yo no tuve problemas en descargar el patron. Es una estupenda idea que Prunila (http://salviaoff.wordpress.com/) me dio, visitar tu blog y ver este bonito patron.

Muchas gracias.


Nafnlaus sagði...


Angelina sagði...

I've been searching for a pattern JUST LIKE THIS!!!! there are others that are just ok.. that didn't get my attention. but, this pattern is BEAUTIFUL!!!

I'd love to make some of these for xmas presents, but, it wouldn't let me download the pattern either.

Thanks so much!!!

Sarah Joyce sagði...

I have several orphan balls of Kuryon I'd love to use for this pattern, but am having trouble downloading the pattern.

Could you please send a copy to sjw at cogeoco dot ca?

Thanks very much!

Sarah Joyce sagði...

Sorry - typo in email address above. Can you please send pattern to sjw at cogeco dot ca? thanks very much.

Nafnlaus sagði...

Hi! Could you send me the pattern for these gloves? I love them and really want to try them as my first pair! My email address is jaqueline(at)craftyfoxes(dot)co(dot)uk (obviously just change the words into the symbols in the brackets). Thank you!!