föstudagur, júní 08, 2007


I'm bad.
I am flying out in less than eight hours, haven't finished packing yet and I don't even want to think about all the other things left undone and post/emails unanswered..
No, wait. The really bad thing is writing a post in the midst of the chaos around me here.
Have to go on holidays now!
Hoping to see you again after a week, or so..
Have a nice time as well!
.....sheep and no city - see:

Icelandic lambs
Icelandic lambs

6 ummæli:

WandaWoman sagði...

Have fun on your trip! Hope you're bringing me back some sock yarn from Germany! (heehee!) ;-)

Guro sagði...

Have a good trip!

dorothee sagði...

Have a nice trip!

Nancy sagði...

Have a great trip!

Emily sagði...

Have a wonderful trip!

Terri Lynn sagði...

See, I come to see you and your gone! I love all the knittined items you have whipped up! The baby socks are darling and too bad about the sweater. I hate it when I make something and then don't like it on myself, so I am thinking it may be even harder when it's given as a gift, if you get my drift....Emily Post does say it's ok to give away a gift if you can't use it....does that count for a situation like this?