sunnudagur, nóvember 19, 2006

Indoor season

Toasty Toes, even in -10°C (14F), thanks to Emily and a huge mug of hot tea.

TT socks
It was too cold, however, to sit down and take detailed pictures. Jumping around on one leg on frosty ground was no option, though of course possible entertainment for the neighbours. And not as risky as the days before where I would have been literally blown of my feet with winds around 25 m/s (56 mph acc. to That sounds scary, huh? But most of all: COLD!
I learned now that due to these wind peaks and combined with the frosty temperatures the windchill provided for a felt temperature down to -35°C (-31F - how come they are so close now? I will never understand this system). Of course, in times like this, the hot water reserves run low and neither the ovens nor the shower was as warm as desired (we heat with hot water). But - toasty toes!

And here's the whole chocolate haul Emily included. Imagine, I had to stop myself from trying for six days because I wanted to make a decent picture in daylight and that's only possible during weekends this time of the year.
Emily's chocolate

But look, chocolate from the Andes (anything to do with KnitPicks yarn?), delicious organic chocolate and extra strong dark chocolove, complete with stamp and a love poem inside (how cool is that!). The Whitman (Walt?) sampler comes in an adorable old-style tin box which will be perfect once it is empty to hold my growing stitch marker collection. Or shall I use the cute little box that now still holds Harney's & Sons "Winter White Earl Tea"? Again, thank you so much Emily, you have been such a generous swap pal!

But talking about Winter white..
How very clever of me to step out for the sock shot on Saturday.
Because this morning, it looked like this.
Willy's first accounter with snow
Willy's first snow. I was excited to witness this in the same way "normal" people witness the first word, tooth or step of their babies...

More pictures?
Willy's first accounter with snow
Willy's first accounter with snow
Willy's first accounter with snow
Unfortunately, it was impossible to snap his four-legged-backward jump that followed.
First conclusion, Willy does not appreciate snow for it is cold and covers everything that smells and moves (hunting leaves in the snow had been his favourite sport during the stormy period)

But snow also brings finally the official proper excuse for cozy, snuggly winter knits. I jumped on the band-wagon and started the Lizard Ridge afghan from kitty. Very clever pattern and I can even read doing it while knitting backwards!
Lizard Ridge

I'm going to knit three (or four) stripes rahter than single squares in order to get the best use out of the precious Kureyon. However, organising this proves to be too hard to handle for me already. With only two balls I have already lost one banderole!

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Maggie sagði...

It's so pretty! I want to start knitting one but none of my lys sells Kureyon. Maybe I will stock up while I am in Maine over Christmas...

canknitian sagði...

I love the socks Emily made for you -- and all of the little tins. I hoard them anytime I come across them, too (not that I have many -- just two!), and will have to keep my eyes peeled for a round tin.

Your Lizard Ridge blanket is going to be beautiful! I think I'm inspired to start one of my own. Maaaaaybe....

knittingphilistine sagði...

Cats in snow drifts? So cute and awesome! Your cat looks a lot like mine, too.

The socks are super-cute, and your Lizard Ridge is looking great! I really like the colors of yours - the happy, bright colors are perfect for a wintery, 'neath it snuggle-fest!

Sigga Sif sagði...

These are some seriously cute cat pictures! Boohoo, I want a cat!

I love how your afghan is turning out!

Theresa sagði...

Don't you love Lizard Ridge? I'm just so captivated by it. Too too fun.

Elinor sagði...

Awww, what a cutie in his first snow. My dogs love snow until the cold and wet sinks in and they realize the good smells are gone. Then it's back home!

The afghan looks great! Socks too! I really love those toes!!

Jill sagði...

Your Willy is so brave. We're looking forward to snow so we can see how our cat reacts. I have a feeling the wetness will be his big complaint!

Great knitting too. Are you having trouble planning out the colors for your lizard ridge? All of my Kureyon balls have similar colors at both ends of the ball and I'm having to cut to be able to get contrasting stripes.

Enjoy the chocolate!

Mia sagði...

Your socks look nice and toasty. And Willy will eventually get used to the snow. How deep was it? It looks like it was as deep as Willy.

sprite sagði...

Congratulations on having two working feet again. And modeling cute socks is a good use for them!

But you showed far more restraint with the chocolate than I would have. I might have (for the purposes of the blog) carefully undone the wrappers, removed the candy, and then reconstructed the packaging after I'd eaten my share. Hmmm... okay that does sound a little obsessive, doesn't it?

Teyani sagði...

I was eyeing that same afgan to knit- but alas, have not begun yet.
The photos of your kitty in the snow are priceless. love them!
And yeah, Emily made yousome truly wonderful socks.

Ashley sagði...

Ah, Willys first snow! Too, too adorable. I love how the Lizad ridge is coming along. I bought a ball of Kureyon the other day to get started on mine, but I have to finish other things first. But seeing yours makes me want to start right away!

Maggie sagði...


In response to your comment re: my sheep skin slipper pattern. I have found that the stitches around the sole last for quite a while, especially if you use a yarn that has a little bit of nylon or acrylic in it. If nothing else, I just try to get a wool that is fairly strong... no noro or lopi...

If you are interested in making a pair I am sure you would have no trouble finding the right kind of sheepskin.. living in Iceland, land of the sheep! I usually ask stores that sell sheepskin if they have a lower quality sheepskin that I can use, it is usually cheaper and I just cut off the not as nice parts.

Good Luck!

Wanda sagði...

It is a better, clearer picture. I can't believe you waited 6 whole days to not eat the candy! You are far better than me! I hope your days warm up soon. At least you have your toasty toes socks to keep you warm.

Say sagði...

Awwww... I've watched my cats greet their first snow and react just the same way.

Great socks!

Steph sagði...

Poor Willy, that cold wet snow must have been quite a shock! Sometimes I wish we had snow here, I'd love to see our cats reaction to it. Can't wait to see how your Lizard blanket turns out, it's such an amazing project.

Beth S. sagði...

Willy is adorable. :-) My cat is always terribly disturbed by the first snow, too!

Hot water heats the oven, too? I knew about the geothermal home heating in Iceland (which is so clever!) but I had no idea that you could harness it to cook food, too.

Wanda sagði...

*Knock, knock* Can Carola come out to play? Where are you? I've missed your posts.

Nafnlaus sagði...

Hiya, this is your Bloomin Feet pal. Your email seems to be bouncing :/ can you please email me at heffalumpnwoozle AT gmail DOT com


heidi sagði...

What a cutie your cat is! Our cats are not allowed to go out (too much traffic too near), but in wintertime we sometimes pretend like they were. We open the door and let them sniff the fresh air. And, as eagar they are to run outside in summertime, now they just sit by the door and stare. Snow is not for cats.

Maggie sagði...

Carola! Where have you gone?!