sunnudagur, nóvember 27, 2005

First candle

First candle today.
Also, it is still New-vember and obliging I tried another new thing. Making stitch markers.

Christmas tree ball stitch marker

I knew from the beginning that this is nothing for me. Not at least because I lack all the material for it. But when I found this this cute little miniture Christmas tree ball (IKEA) I had to do something stupid: A very unpractical stitchmarker. Maybe the world's most unfunctionable stitch marker. The ball is very sensitive, the wire stands out viciously, ready to tear the yarn...

A happy first advent to everybody and I wish you a all a nice and peaceful (and productive) Christmas season!

Advent candles
[a glimpse of sunrise, 10 a.m.]

5 ummæli:

jacqueline sagði...

i love those stitchmarkers! so they are a little bit impracticle...they are just so damn cute.

sunrise at 10am is not so cute though. we don't even get that in the middle of winter.

mona sagði...

A happy first advent to you too!

Rachel sagði...

It's too bad the stitch marker is impractical, because it sure is cute! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.

emmy sagði...

I love those cute little holiday stitch markers.Would a clear coating of nail polish keep them from snagging the yarn? Just a thought and maybe not a good one.

Thanks for giving me such insight as to how things are different around the world. I hate to get up before the sun...Please keep updating in your blog what the sun is doing in your part of the world.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Wanda sagði...

Although impractical, the stichmarkers are cute. I've made them before, but really, I guess assembled them at the store and the store employee finish off the stitch marker. And while picking out the beads and stuff is fun, I don't see myself getting caught up in making stitch markers either.