sunnudagur, október 30, 2005

Peaceful palms?

No peaceful palms in sight over here.
Norwegian mitten
Happily knitting along the mitten (lately discovered in a stash of UFO's) I ran into trouble. How to finish it? The pattern I have for this mitten is kind of advanced. Probably for the Norwegian grandmother, who needs design input after completing hundreds of pairs in the family design. She needs no instructions on technique - I do! The instructions (in Norwegian) are kind of detailed for the cuff. If you call CO xx stitches and knit 'k1p1 ribbing for 5 cm' detailed, that is. For the rest of the mitten you are left alone with the chart. I like charts, but I have no idea how to get rid of the stitches on the top. For most of the part k2tog and ssk works fine. Then suddenly it doesn't and I have no idea why. I thought I'll give it a rest and just start the second mitten. Norwegian mittenWhile digging for the needed skeins, I found this: an abandoned 'sippling' of this mitten! I had no idea.. It's so funny that I gave up knitting this one on exactly the same point. And I even pulled out the needles (probably for another project) but must have been so angry with the mitten that I didn't even bother to fix the stitches with a thread or something.
Glove in process

I'm desperate. Maybe I'll find some help when I join another KAL? Maybe Sandy's warm hands? And to seperate peaceful hands from warm ones I should cast on for real gloves meanwhile.

But it is not all this sad. This weekend I finished something. Yes, I can report a fisnish object. She lingered in the sidebar for quite some time. But now...
Clapotis is done!

[Click on the picture for a 'coloured' version]

What is there to say? Very pleasant knit. Nice, soft yarn (Lana Grossa Cool Wool 2000 print). I would very much like to find a way to include drop stitches into another design but can't think of anything at the moment.

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Petra sagði...

I usually decrease mittens like socks until there are only 6-12 sts left and draw the yarn through the remaining stitches.
Here you have a pattern for mittens which gives a little bit more detail on the decreasing.

Laura sagði...

Love your Clapotis! The yarn is so pretty. I have been wanting to make one, but have been wondering what yarn to use. (The Lorna's Laces is too expensive for me for a scarf!)

mama-of-purl sagði...

Those mittens are going to be nice! I wish we had snow here (well, okay, 14 degrees and sunny blue skies are fine, too) so I'd really start knitting that second floral fair-isle glove...

Lisa sagði...

Thanks so much for visiting my site. Yes, I wasn't too sure about the One Skein Wonders either until I saw them on the girls. I love your Clapotis. That's another project that is waiting in the wings.

amanda sagði...

love your clapotis. and those mittens are gorgeous---DO NOT abandon those little lovelies!

jacqueline sagði...

i love seeing photos of those norwegian mittens. various styles seem to be appearing all over blog land. yet i know i will never make a pair for myself. australia just doesn't get cold enough.

Wanda sagði...

Good luck on figuring out where you are with the mittens pattern. Those look very complicated. Maybe one day I can figure that stuff out, or not! :-)

Yay for finishing Clapotis! The color is beautiful and maybe, just maybe, I may have helped spur you on to finishing it!

p.s. What's happening with the Himalaya baby socks? If they're 98% done, what else do you need to do to them?

p.p.s. Don't you just love me asking you about your project status? ;-)

Steph sagði...

Great mittens! Now there's something I haven't tried knitting yet. Your Clapotis is fantastic, perfect for chasing any winter blues away!

Jenna sagði...

The fact that you could understand that bit of the pattern in Norwegian, then mostly finish that first mitten is very impressive, it takes skills to get that far. I hope to see its mate someday.

Lovely clapotis as well.